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just share the link we give you to collect wishes - no downloads, accounts, or tech saviness required 💗

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Lumhaa Interactive Books

interactive book filled with messages

our world class designers will turn your wishes into a special book just for you. we'll include codes for audio and video messages too 💗

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Wishbooks Luxbook
Wishbooks Luxbook
Wishbooks Luxbook
Wishbooks Luxbook
Lumhaa Baby Jar

I ordered a birthday book for my friend. It turned out to be exactly how I pictured it and she absolutely loved it! It's a really cool idea and makes the perfect gift for anyone :)

Lumhaa Wedding Book

Best gift for our newly wed friends. Super easy and fun, especially with the memes we added between our wishes ;)

Lumhaa Interactive Book

LOVED LOVE LOVE the interactive book for my brother's 50th birthday!!! It is awesome!!! Thanks a ton for this! My brother is going to love it

Lumhaa Interactive Book

Everything from order to delivery was very smooth. Our wedding was off the grid, so the Lumhaa team even helped build an offline version of the link for guests to add messages and memories. Kudos, will be working with you again

Lumhaa Baby Jar

We did this for our son's 1st birthday party and asked family & friends to share memories/pictures/videos. Lumhaa then created a beautiful memory compilation that we will cherish forever... Great idea and so easy to use.

Lumhaa Wedding Invites

We added the link QR to all our invites, and everything came out perfect! Super easy for everyone to upload their messages, now our friends are doing this too

Lumhaa Wedding Book

Hands down our fav wedding gift. We're still adding our wedding photos on the interactive page and commenting on everyone's wishes :)

Ash & Tara

want to give a wishbook for a future event?

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frequently asked questions

Not at all - we do all the coding and design for you, all you have to do is answer some questions while ordering your book! As for posting wishes, everyone just has to click on the link and type their name and message (no download or sign up needed). Most of our users are 50-75, no tech-saviness required at all 💗

Yes, you can collect up to 20 wishes for free! Just choose the "Create Link Myself" option when you checkout, and you should get a free link instantly. If you cross the 20 wish limit on your free link, you will be prompted to pay ₹1,000 to add more wishes to your link 💗

You can add any type of wishes and messages you'd like - photos, videos, written notes, voice notes; they're all welcome (and not restricted by size, so if you want to add a 30 minute long video, do it!) 💗

All you have to do is share your wishbook link with whoever wants to post! We'll send you an email template and an SMS/WhatsApp template with your card link that you can edit and forward along if you'd like 💗

No download or sign up needed! Just click on the link and add messages 💗

We do have an optional email field if you order only a link, but posters can simply put in if they don't want to share their email (e.g., 💗

Of course! We can give you your link's QR code that you can print on posters to put around the event venue. Guests can scan it and add their wishes any time 💗

Once you finish collecting your wishes, your book is delivered in around 10 business days. The whole process starting from order to delivery usually takes around 20 days, but depends on how quickly you collect the wishes 💗

Yes, please! If you start a chat with us, we can help you get the best price (and setup your links for you) 💗

We convert each video into a QR code and print it. So whenever you bring your phone close to the printed code, the video automatically plays on your phone (no download or sign up required to play the videos either) 💗

Yes, but we do have to charge a shipping fee (it's usually ~$20). Please contact us for exact pricing 💗